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Masochistic Art Director Applies for Agency Jobs Vowing Never to Sleep Again

Elaborate mailer includes wake-up pills and a pillow business card

Is it wise or foolish, when trying to get a job in advertising, to tell agencies you don't plan on sleeping after you start work? You might just get the…

Ad of the Day: Maker of the Most Epic Bus Ad Ever Returns With a Ludicrous Sequel

Midttrafik's second act

Unfortunately, mass transit isn't usually seen as too cool—except in Denmark, where taking the bus means you're a damn rock star. We saw this back in 2012, when a hugely entertaining…

The World's Saddest Clown Pines for Love in This Bleak, Beautiful Ad for Flower Delivery

Longing for the circus ballerina

Ladies and gentlemen, now appearing in the center ring … a sad-ass clown with a heavy case of unrequited love. The unhappy hero of this bleak but beautiful 75-second ad for…

People Terrified by Haunted Apartment in Real Estate Company's Ad Prank

But it's the disconnect that's really scary

2012 called, and it wants its prankvertising back. Danish real-estate site and production company Mayday Films staged a hidden-camera apartment haunting that was designed to warn the public to use…

This Danish 'Get Out the Vote' PSA Is So Full of Sex and Violence, It Was Pulled Immediately

Orgy scene dooms Voteman

If you thought the U.S. had weird political ads, check out this bit of insanity from Denmark: a 90-second cartoon that stars a character called Voteman, who isn't apathetic about…

'Do It for Denmark' Ad Urges Danes to Have More Sex While on Vacation

Travel agency makes war on low birth rate

A Danish travel agency wants the country's people to do the patriotic thing by getting out of town and getting busy. A wry new campaign from Spies puts an unusually clever…

Coke Drops Unsuspecting Moviegoers Into Sex Scene for Real-Time Ad

Clever way of keeping audiences quiet

What's more refreshing: A Coca-Cola, or a Coca-Cola ad poking fun at the brand's consumers? To encourage moviegoers to stay quiet during a film, Saatchi Denmark filmed audience members milling around…

The Year's Best Candy Commercial Is Somehow Both Vulgar and Incredibly Sweet

The obscenely happy goth girl

Here's a wonderful little candy commercial from LoweFriends in Denmark that pulls off a rare trick. It's both edgy and traditional—with several F-bombs in the voiceover balanced out by an…

Christopher Walken Is the World's Weirdest Tailor in Crazy Danish Clothing Ads

Shear madness from Jack & Jones

As an actor, Christopher Walken can effortlessly stretch from insanely intense to intensely insane. The cooler end of his range comes into play in these darkly stylish spots by Copenhagen…