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7 Intriguing Digital Marketing Stats From This Week

From ad spending and email subject lines to Casey Neistat and Casey Affleck

Here are seven digital marketing data points this week that got our attention, including news about how brands may spend online next year, numbers around freshly successful video efforts, what…

How 2 Data Pros Became Friends by Exchanging Data Visualizations of Their Lives on Postcards

Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec's delightful 'Dear Data'

Data can be seen as an abstraction at best, or at worst, a way to introduce the robotic quality of programmatics into creativity. We might associate it with digital's way…

8 Surprising and Noteworthy Digital Marketing Stats From This Week

From pooch-loving Santas to ad blocking and Instagram

The last several days provided an array of digital marketing data points, with figures aplenty about consumers' search habits, mobile habits, social platforms, bad ads, chat bots and more.  The following…

Here's How an Agency Can Make Its Staff Performance Reviews Less Arbitrary

The Media Kitchen created transparency and an even playing field

Two years ago, we weren't able to give everyone at The Media Kitchen a meaningful year-end bonus, which was always our tradition. I had to decide if I wanted to…

How the Election Hurt Ecommerce and 6 Other Interesting Digital Marketing Stats

Plus, plenty of retail data

With the presidential election behind us and the holidays ahead, there's been an interesting mix of digital marketing stats this week. Check out seven that caught our eye: 1. Voting at…

The Ad Industry Is Pretty Optimistic About the Future of New Business Opportunities

60% think new work will increase in 2017

In 2016, agencies may have felt that it was more difficult to win new business, especially as more business shifted from retainer to project-based assignments, but the industry seems optimistic…

Pinterest Is Adding 15 Ad-Tech Companies to Beef Up Its Data and Measurement Game

Includes viewability and mobile stats for advertisers

Pinterest has long claimed it moves the needle for brands in terms of sales and conversions, and now the company is inviting more ad-tech partners to its platform to prove…

A Map of 'I Voted' Social Posts Makes the Election Seem Very Close and Very Odd

But digital often doesn't mirror real life

Simply Measured has been tracking people on social media who say they've participated in early voting for the presidential election. For instance, it scraped Twitter, Facebook and other platforms for statements…

Why Women Working in Advertising Need to Stop Apologizing All the Time

New data from a study pioneered by Heat

Women tend to apologize more than they need to for even the smallest of things, like bumping into someone on the street or asking for a minute of the boss'…

How Data Can Fuel Improved Relationships Between Marketers and Agencies

ANA survey reveals 80% of companies rely on it

How essential is data in any marketer's relationship with an agency? According to a new study from the Association of National Advertisers, data plays a key part of that relationship,…