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How Cannes Still Inspires and Surprises, and Why It Still Really Matters

You just have to know where to look

When I used to buy agencies, I discovered something that the consultants already knew. All agencies say the same thing. You can pretty much predict the exact words—media-neutral, idea-driven, brand…

Ad of the Day: Captain Obvious Stars in the Ultimate Skippable Ad for

Goofball character pops up in his first U.K. campaign's amusing jackass of an ad character, Captain Obvious, is leaping across the pond, as the brand is introducing him to the U.K. market for the first time. And to…

Ad of the Day: A Son Betrays His Father in the Most Painful Way in This Infiniti Spot

Family tradition goes out the window in CP+B's latest

The luxury auto wars get personal in Crispin Porter + Bogusky's new 60-second spot for Infiniti, as a young man bearing a terrible secret travels to meet his father, knowing…

This App's 'Commercializer' Turns Any Boring Classified Ad Into a Big-Budget Blockbuster

Letgo goes Hollywood

Big-budget advertising used to be the exclusive province of, well, brands with big budgets. But no more. Now, thanks to classifieds mobile app letgo, anyone can sell any old piece…

How Millennials Can Get Ahead at Work: Bring Ice Breakers and a Unicorn to Meetings

The ultimate metaphor for fresh breath

Ice Breakers breath mints are actually unicorns that will help millennials squeeze extra perks out of job negotiations, according to a new campaign by Crispin Porter + Boguksy for the…

Domino's Debuts Zero-Click Ordering in Latest Effort to Make Your Life Ridiculously Easy

CP+B is erasing all friction points

Domino's won't stop until its customers are able to simply think about Domino's pizza and suddenly find themselves magically munching on it.  The pizza chain isn't quite there yet. But today…

CP+B Promotes Kevin Jones to Chief Creative Officer in Its Los Angeles Office

The agency would 'clone him' if it could

Crispin Porter + Bogusky has promoted Kevin Jones to the role of chief creative officer in its Los Angeles office, effective immediately. Moving forward, Jones will assume creative leadership on PayPal,…

Kraft Mac & Cheese Secretly Changed Its Recipe, and Is Proud Nobody Noticed

Craig Kilborn swears it tastes just like the old, fake stuff

If you were among the junk-food fans anxious that a more natural Kraft Macaroni & Cheese would be less tasty, lay your worries to rest: You might already have tasted…'s Captain Obvious Is Running for President, and He's Already Been Everywhere

Pun-driven campaign launches 50-state tour

As if the 2016 presidential election weren't enough of a farce already, a new clown is throwing his hat in the ring:'s mascot, Captain Obvious.  In Crispin Porter + Bogusky's…

PayPal Heralds the Age of 'New Money' in Its First Super Bowl Ad

CP+B spot teases vision for the future

For PayPal, the future is now. That's the theme of the e-commerce company's Super Bowl commercial, which is set to air during the first quarter of Sunday's CBS telecast. The 45-second…