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How FiveThirtyEight Adapted Its Election Model to Predict the Next Oscar Winners

Big night coming for The Revenant

FiveThirtyEight, the ESPN-owned data-driven news site, has become famous for its accuracy in predicting the outcomes of the past two presidential elections. But over the last few years, the site…

How Selling Out Can Help or Hurt Your Band

12 case studies of cashing in, blowing up and facing the music

Musicians have always struggled with whether licensing their music or becoming a spokesperson for a brand will affect the relationship they have with their fans. Some artists have been able…

Creed Has Storm Victims Covered

Finally, flood-devastated Rockaways residents can stay dry in style with fancy perfumery's umbrellas

Amid the many groans in the wake of Hurricane Sandy last week were consumers complaining about how many brands apparently saw the storm as an e-sales opportunity and little else.…

Celebrity Sniff

250 years of famous customers have made Creed the hottest perfume brand you've never heard of

It seems impossible that England’s King George III, Audrey Hepburn, George Clooney, and Michelle Obama could have much of anything in common—let alone a brand they could all wear in…