Topic: Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Seeing Spots: Lifetime Branding Effort Looks an Awful Lot Like Splashy Hotel Ad

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas creative bowed last summer

A new sizzle reel designed to raise Lifetime’s brand profile ahead of the 2014-15 upfront season may look awfully familiar to the people who developed a certain nerve-jangling hotel campaign…

Ad of the Day: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Assaults Your Senses

A new chapter in the country's most provocative hotel campaign

Loud. Sexy. Aggressive. Claustrophobic. These aren't characteristics you would normally associate with hotel advertising. But then, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has never done things by the book. The luxury Vegas…

A Tipsy Time With the Half-Naked Bellboy

Vegas hotel Cosmopolitan’s edgy take on the luggage lad is only the latest incarnation of a branding icon

If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel that has over two stars, you’ve already met him. But heck, even if you’ve only seen it in the movies, we all know…

The Spot: Rhapsody in Vegas

The Cosmopolitan hotel maintains its witty, surreal edge with a spoken-word homage to an iconic Queen song

IDEA: An artful, highly curated hotel, more urban and less contrived than many of its Sin City peers, the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas caters to what it calls the "curious…