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This Barbecue Bible Can Sharpen Your Knife, Light Your Fire and Serve Your Steak

JWT Brazil gets chefs' attention for cookware brand

Barbecue chefs and amateur pitmasters alike know that nothing truly useful ever comes out of a cookbook. But here's one hell of an exception.  To promote the Tramontina cookware line, JWT…

Does Facebook Keep You Company When You're Eating Alone?

Especially at lunch

It used to be, dinner with friends meant actually sitting around the same table together, recipes came from mom, and phones were for talking. Now, people get their recipes from…

Epicurious and Eggland's Best Team Up for Egg-Centric E-Cookbook

Food site's first-ever sponsored e-book

Between heat waves and humidity, no one wants to spend their summers standing for hours over a hot stove. If you’re looking for an easy meal, you might find it…