Topic: Consumer Stunts

Jason Sadler Becomes Jason HeadsetsDotCom as Name Auction Ends

Change nets him $45,500

What's in a name? $45,500, that's what. Jason Sadler will receive that amount for legally becoming "Jason HeadsetsDotCom" and promoting the name change through social media and other means next…

Social Media's Walking Billboard Now Selling His Name

Jason Sadler offers last name to highest bidder

The name "Jason JLabAudio" has a certain ring to it—and some potentially serious bling to it. The currently named Jason Sadler stands to make $34,500 by changing his name to…

Romney/Ryan Face Tattoo Looking Less Awesome in Retrospect

'I'm no hero,' admits Eric Hartsburg

We've written before about the perils of tattooing one's face with commercial signage that could sooner or later become obsolete—making you, like the product or service advertised, an embarrassing relic.…

Best Craigslist Post Ever, for a Used Samsung Galaxy Note, Actually Isn't

A not-quite-classic of the genre

Oh, hey, it's another crazy long-form classified ad. There was that sweet ode to a used snowblower, and the funny used-wetsuit auction, and the amusingly absurdist listing for a used…

After Losing Family Bet, Man and Son-in-Law Pose as Impotent Gay Men on Billboard

What kind of bet was this?

If you've ever driven past a weird billboard and wondered if it was the result of someone losing a bet, well, there is now precedent for that assumption. A billboard…

Toledo Man's Billboard Plea: 'Please Hire My Wife'

Sweet new entry in job-search genre

We've seen a lot of regular folks put up "Please hire me" and "Please marry me" billboards over the years. But this "Please hire my wife" billboard is sort of…

Man Pretends to Be a Celebrity, So People Treat Him Like One

Stealth marketing, or just an ad for Brett Cohen?

Here's a candidate for viral stunt of the year: A 21-year-old student named Brett Cohen assumes the trappings of a reality star—bodyguards, paparazzi and a ridiculous striped button-down—and waltzes into…

Woman Calls Out Cheating Ex-Husband on Home's For Sale Sign

'Slightly bitter' wife gets revenge

Lemons. Lemonade. An Oregon woman named Elle Zober is selling her home because her husband of 10 years, also the father of her two children, cheated on her with a…

Another Day, Another Man Proposing to a Woman on a Billboard

Do you have to blindfold her, though?

The poorly punctuated but deepy heartfelt roadside-billboard marriage proposal is the most romantic gesture going across much of America. This time it happened in Fort Worth, Texas, where architect Tony…

Woman Takes Hunt for Kidney to a Slew of Billboards

Aretha Swift now apprearing on 24 ads

Add Aretha Swift to the list of civilians who've bought ad space on billboards, but not because she needs a job or a date, has a bone to pick with…