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The Perfect Ad for Anyone Who's Ever Wanted to See James Franco Get Punched in the Face

Comedy Central obliges

Are you so tired of James Franco's artsy Instagram pictures, his smirking superiority, his pretentious poetry, his cornrow-sporting Spring Breakers white gangsta, his incessant everywhere-ness—so much so that you could…

Historical Images Get a Little Tipsy in Ads for Comedy Central's Drunk History

Washington kegging the Delaware

High school would've been so much more bearable if we'd had a tipsy teacher spouting U.S. history, pausing during key Watergate moments not for dramatic effect but just long enough…

Comedy Troupe Prepares to Improvise Three-Minute Ad on Live TV

What could go wrong?

Forgetting that a lot of improv comedy stinks, ad agency 18 Feet & Rising is partnering with British improv troupe Mischief Theatre to produce a live ad that will air…

Canine Plastic Surgery Advertised on Billboard in Los Angeles

Could your dog use a puppy lift?

Is your dog a total "dog"? So asks this billboard spotted in Los Angeles, purportedly offering canine plastic surgery from one Dr. Steven Armond. It turns out it's a promotion…

Stewart and Colbert Needle Brian Williams in Indecision 2012 Spot

Lighten up with Comedy Central's election coverage

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report have proven to be reliable sources of political analysis and news nuggets, so they don't need to sling mud at…

'Siesta World Cup' Ad Launches Comedy Central in Latin America

W+K celebrates region's napping championship

Comedy Central began broadcasting in Latin America in February, and now it gets an epic introductory commercial from Wieden + Kennedy, São Paulo, and famed Super Bowl director Bryan Buckley…

KFC Urges Loser College Grads to Stop Living With Their Parents

Somehow this sells bite-size chicken pieces

There are a lot of different labels now for breaded, deep-fried bits of chicken sold at fast-food joints. They're called popcorn chicken, chicken stars, chicken tenders, meat slurry. But there's…

Call Your Doctor If This 'Workaholics' Billboard Lasts More Than 4 Hours

Comedy Central erects another phallic ad

Comedy Central's "Fully Torqued" phallic billboard on Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard touting the new season of its Workaholics sitcom is awfully silly. TMZ claiming that its coverage of the sign is…

Could Mr. Hankey Become the Ad Mascot for Rectal Cancer?

NYC woman petitions 'South Park' creators

Dear God, the madness never ends. A woman named Michelle L. Dobrawsky is asking Trey Parker and Matt Stone to take a break from picking on Mormons and Scientologists and…

'Weird Al' Yankovic Now Turning Pop Songs Into Polkas

Promo touts TV special

The music world is sorely lacking in polka medleys these days, isn't it? Especially ones that give Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Ke$ha songs the tuba flourishes they…