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This Heartbreaking Puppy GIF Is the Perfect Teaser for Budweiser's Super Bowl Ad

Brewer aims to get America all weepy again

Budweiser pretty much won the Super Bowl, advertising-wise, with last year's "Puppy Love," a success the brewer hopes to reclaim with this year's sequel. "Lost Dog" continues the story of last…

Budweiser Insists Its Clydesdales Aren't Going Anywhere

'Don't believe everything that trends'

No, Budweiser is not putting its Clydesdales out to pasture. Reacting to a flurry of news stories repeating The Wall Street Journal’s claim earlier this week that Budweiser would abandon its…

Budweiser Picks Name for Super Bowl Star

Clydesdale foal is 'Hope'

Budweiser has settled on a warm-and-fuzzy name for its star Super Bowl horse after receiving more than 60,000 suggestions via Twitter, Facebook and phone calls, the beer brand announced Tuesday. The…

Twitter and the Baby Clydesdale

Budweiser gets more than 11,000 tweets from fans looking to name its Super Bowl foal

Buddy is dominating. Clyde is a distant second. Barley and Hops are trailing the pack. But there's still plenty of time to name that foal. The foal in this case is…