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Snowmen Migrate North to Colder Weather in Quirky Mockumentary About Climate Change

A lighter approach to a grave problem

In the meadow, we can build a snowman … can't we? Rising temperatures resulting from climate change can put the kibosh on such seasonal fun. And more important, increasing heat threatens…

Al Gore Enlists Youth for Climate Control

Urges them to create awareness videos

Al Gore has launched a new climate change awareness campaign as part of The Climate Reality Project. The campaign called “Why? Why Not?” will target young people between the ages…

'I ♥ NY' Designer Milton Glaser Tries to Create an Iconic Logo for Climate Change

'It's not warming, it's dying'

Is it hot in here, or is it Milton Glaser? The graphic design legend expresses his concern for climate change in a new awareness campaign ominously tagged, "It's not warming, it's…

Global Activism Group Launches Design Contest for Climate March Ad Campaign

Winner gets $10,000 and a month of NYC subway exposure

Global activism group Avaaz has launched a design contest to find the artwork that will be used to promote an upcoming climate change march in New York. The People’s Climate March,…

'World Under Water' Uses StreetView to Visualize Flooding From Climate Change

Questionably accurate, but makes a dramatic point

If this week's news of a potentially disastrous Antarctic ice melt wasn't enough to give you a sinking feeling, then you might want to check out "World Under Water," an…

Olympic Skier Ted Ligety Chats With a Snowflake Depressed About Climate Change

And plays the 'thigh drums'

Olympic skier Ted Ligety plays straight man to a sullen, animated snowflake in this 90-second spot from Al Gore's Climate Reality Project. It's part of CRP's "I Am Pro Snow" campaign…

Environmental Campaign Suggests Naming Vicious Storms After Climate-Change Deniers

'Marco Rubio threatens everything in his path'

New York ad agency Barton F. Graf 9000 has turned its roguish attention to the issue of climate change, and helped activist group 350 Action with the amusing video below.…

Billboard Likening Climate Change Believers to Unabomber Is Taken Down

Heartland Institute hails 'experiment'

The Heartland Institute disputes global warming, but that didn't stop the conservative social-issues group from turning up the heat with a suburban Chicago billboard showing a typically crazy-faced portrait of…

Global Warming Targets Its Enemies First in New Ad

Climate change 'doesn't need you to believe'

"Combustible," an amusing online video for the Global Climate Change Initiative, shows a loudmouth big-biz type on a city street yacking into his cell about how global warming's a load…

Mother Murdoch Betrays Rupert

Takes her pro-carbon tax stance to rival newspaper

Rupert Murdoch got a dressing down by his 102-year-old mum this week when she went to a rival newspaper chain to undermine the pro-coal campaign taken up by his Australian…