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Everyone's Angry at This Racist Chinese Ad, but It Says Something About America Too

Is Qiaobi too easy a target?

Every few months, a racially offensive advertisement emerges from Asia and makes the rounds in America, to howls of disgust. It's happened again this week, as a Chinese laundry detergent…

McDonald's Makes Green and Red Angry Birds Burgers, Just Makes People Angry

China stunt is tied to the movie

Time was, McDonald's put toys in their Happy Meals to promote movies. Now they just dye their burgers, we guess. McDonald's China is making chicken and pork sandwiches with special…

Grey China Put Up an Exhibition of Ultrasound Photos to Protest Selective Abortion of Girls

'First Photo Last Photo' aims to end the practice

According to various surveys, men outnumber women in China by tens of millions more than three decades after the Communist Party instituted its infamous "one-child policy" following the 1976 death…

A Skin Care Brand Bravely Stood Up for China's 'Leftover' Women Unmarried After 25

'Marriage market' takeover

SK-II, a Chinese skin care brand, took over a so-called "marriage market"—where Chinese parents go to post elaborate personal ads for their daughters—to stand up for all the "leftover" women…

Nike Just Made This Remarkable Farewell Ad to Kobe Bryant in China, Where He's Revered

The retiring star even helped with the script

Love him or hate him, Kobe Bryant is a legend. In China, they mostly love him—he's made a concerted effort, with Nike, to reach out to his Chinese fans over the…

This Ad Explains Why Everyone in China Might Eventually Grow Very Long Nose Hair

But let's hope they don't

Sometimes, the problem is right under your nose. That's certainly the case in this wacky, well-done anti-pollution PSA from WildAid China and McCann Shanghai. The 90-second spot is set in a…

Pepsi Has a Huge Hit in China With This Fascinating Ad About the 'Monkey King' Family

Playing the role across generations

In China, this PepsiCo video about an actor who portrays a "Monkey King" is an absolute beast, racking up, by some accounts, more than 20 million views in two weeks…

Chinese Version of The Force Awakens Poster Noticeably Downplays the Only Black Actor

And removes Chewbacca completely

Sure, there are a lot of different ways to splice together a Star Wars poster, but minimizing the movie's only black star seems an odd choice. Twitter user and producer Guy…

OK Go's First Official Ad Is for Chinese Furniture, and It's Full of Optical Illusions

Lead singer Damian Kulash directs

OK Go has collaborated with plenty of brands—including Chevrolet, Google, Samsung and State Farm—on its own music videos. But here is the first truly traditional commercial the band has ever…

This Shampoo Ad Is Lovely and All, but Can It Really Stop Couples From Getting Divorced?

40 million views, but how many reconciliations?

If you're looking for a "no more tears" kind of shampoo commercial, I'd skip this nearly five-minute Chinese ad for Procter & Gamble's Rejoice from Leo Burnett Hong Kong. It's…