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YouTube's 10 Most-Watched Ads in June

Samsung powers this month's list with help from Usher and Jay-Z

Samsung has innovative cross-promotions with musicians down cold. Separate divisions of the company—Samsung Televisions and Samsung Mobile—had the two biggest hits on YouTube and Adweek's Ads Leaderboard for June, ranking the…

Chester Cheetah now generally being a dick

Chester Cheetah used to encourage Cheetos eaters to mess with other people. Now, he'll screw with anyone, including the Cheetos eaters themselves. In the "Piano" spot below, from Goodby, Silverstein…

Blood-spattered refs always prefer Cheetos

A reader out in Los Angeles alerted us to these bizarre Cheetos billboards posted around town, showing a grim-faced soccer referee brandishing a red card while covered in what…