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Are Jonathan Glazer's New U.K. TV Promos Hypnotizing or Just Plain Bizarre?

Offbeat identity clips evoke David Lynch

The U.K's Channel 4 is rebranding, and the results are bizarre but stunning. A series of new idents—short video signatures to air on the network—feature natural but surrealistic scenes. In one,…

These Creepy Ads for Synthetic Humans Have Britain All Freaked Out

Channel 4's futuristic TV promos

People in Britain who had settled in for a nice viewing of Prometheus this weekend were distressed, to say the least, when a realistic 30-second spot aired—completely unexplained—that advertised synthetic…

Black Mirror Has the Best and Strangest Promos of Any TV Show Around

Creepy teasers from U.K.'s Channel 4

So, there's this British just-barely-science-fiction series called Black Mirror, created by a mad genius named Charlie Brooker (good interview with him here; he's also ripped into advertising fairly regularly), in…