Topic: CES 2014

It’s Like Déjà Vu All Over Again at Yahoo

Is Mayer turning the clock back to 2009?

It’s a whole new era at Yahoo ever since CES rock star Marissa Mayer took over. Except when it isn’t. Much of her tenure has been about free food and iPhones,…

7 Pieces of Tech From CES to Keep an Eye On

New, unusual or just plain cool

The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, held last week in Las Vegas, was a wonderland of next-generation craziness, some useless gadgets, other useful gadgets, and more and more hardware vanishing into…

WWE Network Will Stream on Connected Devices, Not Cable

Long-gestating channel ready for prime time

At the Wynn Hotel and Casino on Wednesday evening, wrestlers including Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin and WWE chief brand officer Stephanie McMahon dropped another bombshell in the streaming…

FCC to Wait and See on AT&T-Sponsored Data Plan

Chairman and commissioners unsure if plan violates net neutrality rules

Critics of AT&T’s sponsored data plan say it’s a clear violation of the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality rules, but the FCC isn’t so sure. Based on comments made at two…

FTC to Congress: Don't Wait for Us to Pass Patent Troll Legislation

Tech industry still pushing for action

Congress shouldn’t wait for a pending Federal Trade Commission investigation into patent troll practices before passing legislation, commissioner Julie Brill said today during an International CES panel on patent litigation…

Cisco's Chambers: 2014 Will Be an Inflection Point for the Internet of Everything

Slick keynote wows attendees

Cisco’s John Chambers did Las Vegas proud with a slick, focused keynote heralding the arrival of the Internet of Everything. Complete with celebrity schtick from Sarah Silverman and seamless demos…

Check-In CES: Haptic Headphones

Transmitting sound simultaneously through skin, ear, and bone

Health technology meets entertainment at Able Planet, a company known equally for hearing aids and consumer audio. Their new Linx Fusion line of headphones takes the best elements of both…

Check-In CES: China Ups Its Game

Huawei’s presence may be symbolic, but its hardware lineup can compete

Huawei is a major electronics manufacturer in China, but is still relatively unknown in the American market. Fortunately for CES attendees, their undaunted presence at CES shows a continuing interest…

Check-In CES: New Home Security

One single, elegant device

While other home security technologies become more complex and interconnected, Canary decided to do the exact opposite, with stunning results. Canary decided to take the core functions of home security…

Check-In CES: Self-driving Cars

Not nearly as futuristic as you might think

Mercedes-Benz has driven a self-driving car 62 miles on the public streets of Germany, while Google has logged thousands of miles stateside with their technology. Even so, not many people…