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Elegant Split Screens Balance On-Board With On-Shore in This Cruise-Line Ad

Figliulo's new work for Seabourn

Figliulo & Partners doubles your pleasure through elegant use of split-screen technique in the agency's first major push for Carnival's ultra-luxury Seabourn Cruise Line. Targeting affluent millennials, a playful, visually arresting…

In Monopoly's Battle of the Brands, Carnival Crushes Coke, Nestlé and More

Facebook challenge has surprising results

Some of the world’s largest brands are squaring off today in a high-stakes game of ... Monopoly. Well, kinda. To promote its new, brand-centric game, Monopoly Empire, Hasbro is hosting a…

Carnival Cruise Lines Makes a Splash With Clever Out-of-Home Ads

Slide into this fire-escape execution

Carnival Cruise Lines is no fish out of water when it comes to advertising on land. Check out the clever out-of-home work it's been doing lately, courtesy of ad agency…

Wonderful Sea Beats Horrible Land in Ads for Carnival Cruises

Only a fool would stay on shore

Carnival Cruise Lines has launched a new campaign titled "Land vs. Sea" via ad agency Arnold. Since many Americans are curbing their expenses by visiting places within driving distance, Carnival…