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Red Bull's Xbox Videos Garner 14-Minute Engagement Rate

Uses its roster of athletes to get brilliant results

Red Bull has been averaging 14 minutes of consumer engagement via Xbox Live video banners as part of the brand's current "World of Red Bull" campaign. The effort debuted on the…

See Maxipad Maker Bodyform's Brilliant Reply to a Man's Facebook Rant

Blunt apology for years of false advertising

Brands often freeze up when they're criticized on Facebook. U.K. maxipad maker Bodyform makes the most of it. A week ago, a man named Richard Neill posted a rant on Bodyform's…

The upside to Carat's layoffs e-mail debacle

To: Carat, AdFreakFrom: DaveRe: HR e-mail fiasco  Hey, Carat, tough luck about that companywide e-mail your chief people officer sent out about the upcoming layoffs. But I'm looking on the…