Topic: Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer Ads Blasted for Saying Disease Is Worse Than Other Cancers

Charity cites 3% survival rate

Pancreatic Cancer Action has issued a thoughtful, heartfelt defense of its controversial U.K. awareness campaign that shows sufferers saying they wish they had other types of cancer with higher survival…

Colon Cancer Group Raises 314% of Goal With a Public Letter to Brad Pitt

At 50, actor faces increased risk

Brad Pitt recently turned 50, so a Belgian nonprofit called Stop Darmkanker, dedicated to ending colon cancer, sent the star a public letter highlighting his greater risk for the disease.…

Cancer Patients Given Outlandish Makeovers to Help Take Their Mind Off the Disease

Advocacy group creates art show from their reactions

My father's girlfriend was recently diagnosed with cancer. Doctors have the treatment covered, but medical care isn't the only thing she needs. Above all, she's been looking for something, anything,…

The Most Uplifting Ad You'll See Today Is About a 15-Year-Old's Incredible Cancer Research

Intel tells Jack Andraka's story

Here's one from the warm-and-fuzzies school of advertising. Jack Andraka, barely a teenager, decided to develop an early-detection test for pancreatic cancer after his uncle died from the disease. [UPDATE: AdFreak…

Light Artist Turns Hill Into Giant Illuminated Breast for Cancer Charity

Glorious or insensitive?

British light artist Bruce Munro has turned a piece of the Wiltshire countryside in England into a giant Lite Brite breast. Dubbed the "Beacon on the Hill," the installation is…

Chemotherapy Rebranded as 'Superformula' in JWT's Brilliant Campaign for Child Cancer Center

Ward gets Justice League makeover

JWT joined with Warner Bros. and the A.C. Camargo Cancer Center in São Paulo, Brazil, to craft a super-powerful campaign designed to help children with cancer better understand their treatment…

'Deserve to Die' Campaign Puts Lung Cancer in Spotlight

Wisconsin agency knew work would be polarizing

A funny thing happens when you plaster U.S. cities with posters saying certain types of people "deserve to die." Namely, those people get a bit upset. Wisconsin agency Laughlin Constable…

JWT's Rob Quish Enlists Jon Lester for Childhood Cancer PSA

Passion project for exiting Atlanta CEO

JWT Atlanta's new campaign for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation is a passion project for outgoing CEO Rob Quish, whose 19-year-old son Will was diagnosed with cancer at age 11.…

Creative Crotch Ads Encourage Men to Get Hands-On

Cancer PSAs from Peru help inspire self-checks

Self-checking for testicular cancer has yielded some of the oddest PSAs out there, including our No. 4 Freakiest Ad of 2011, the (NSFW) “Rhian Touches Herself.” But these print ads…

Rogue Medical Group Strikes Again With Cancer Billboard in Chicago

PCRM targets hot-dog eaters with blunt headline

Watch out, hot-dog lovers. You might be in for a case of the butt cancers. A new billboard on Chicago's Eisenhower Expressway is getting quite a bit of attention with…