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Kids Try to Solve Climate Change in PSA Campaign, Because Grownups Certainly Aren't

Complete with hand-drawn diagrams

Climate change isn't your problem—it's your children's problem. At least, it will be if the world's current crop of adults fail to act.  A new campaign from the government of Ontario,…

A New Magazine Called 'It Ran' Will Run Any Ad You Make, So It's Eligible for Awards

Cheat slightly less, for a good cause

Bogus ads that never ran are a scourge on advertising award shows. But now, you can make sure your bogus ads actually did run—thanks to a new magazine in Canada…

The Story Behind This Amazing (and Very Real) Ad for a Realtor With Laser-Shooting Eyes

Patricia Houlihan shows off her superpowers

Looking for a real-estate agent whose superpowers are visibly evident in the form of piercing lasers shooting out of her eyeballs? Give Patricia Houlihan a call today! Houlihan, who runs her…

Visitors to This Open House in Canada Found an Elaborately Staged and Disturbing PSA

Seeing poverty with The Salvation Army

It was advertised like an ordinary real-estate open house, at a residence that looked fine on the outside. But when visitors came for a look inside, they got an eerie…

Social Media Stars and Seniors Teach Each Other a Little Something in Fun Retirement Ads

Odd couples in Ontario

Millennials will be young forever, so they don't have to think about stuff like retirement or pension plans. Just in case that logic proves wrong, the government of Ontario, Canada, teamed…

Subaru Goes Stargazing in Dreamy Campaign Made With Canada's Royal Astronomical Society

When did you last see the heavens?

Twinkle, twinkle, little car. Subaru Canada channels the magical feeling of a night drive beneath celestial lights in a new campaign from Red Urban. Developed with the Royal Astronomical Society of…

Love Cards Against Humanity and Hating on Donald Trump? Have We Got the Game for You

The anti-social party game gets even more so

The Sid Lee Collective, an agency incubator for Sid Lee's non-commercial creative projects, took a few choice Donald Trump quotes and transformed them into an unofficial Cards Against Humanity expansion…

Team Canada's Winter Warriors Prep for Warmer Weather in Striking Rio 2016 Ads

Cossette work drips with defiance

Canada's climate includes harsh terrain and gnarly winters—which is why its athletes are so hardcore, says a new ad for the nation's Olympics team. The Canadian Olympic Committee and agency Cossette…

This Annoying Preroll Ad Lets You Kill It, Not Just Skip It

Weed killer's clever use of YouTube

Some preroll ads are just so irritating that merely skipping them doesn't seem like meting out proper justice. Sometimes you just want to kill them. And this fun and pretty…

Netflix's Daredevil Characters Physically Damage Each Other's Billboards in Hashtag Fight

DDB Canada's installation in Toronto

Duelling billboards are a time-honored advertising tradition, going back to Newcastle/Stella Artois and Audi/BMW. Now, Netflix introduces a novel twist on the genre—billboards on which characters from a show battle…