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This Small Canadian Island Just Launched a Pretty Ingenious Tourism Anti-Campaign

Tell your friends it's awful

The people of Bowen Island in British Columbia have a love-hate relationships with tourists. To emphasize that, the island has released a startling new community identity: "Tell your friends it's…

Alberta Tells Youth to Keep Their Vajayjays Yay-Yay in Slang-Filled STD Campaign

Are the kids gonna dig it?

With sexual transmitted diseade rates ascendant in Alberta, Canada, how can a provincial health department reach young people who clearly aren't practicing safe sex?  The answer, it turns out, is an…

Here's a Creative Director's Worst Possible Reaction When Critiquing Your Portfolio

Not what you want to hear

Here's a fun little promo for the Miami Ad School's Toronto location, showing a portfolio critique that seems like good news at first for our young hero being interviewed—but soon…

Kids Try to Solve Climate Change in PSA Campaign, Because Grownups Certainly Aren't

Complete with hand-drawn diagrams

Climate change isn't your problem—it's your children's problem. At least, it will be if the world's current crop of adults fail to act.  A new campaign from the government of Ontario,…

A New Magazine Called 'It Ran' Will Run Any Ad You Make, So It's Eligible for Awards

Cheat slightly less, for a good cause

Bogus ads that never ran are a scourge on advertising award shows. But now, you can make sure your bogus ads actually did run—thanks to a new magazine in Canada…

The Story Behind This Amazing (and Very Real) Ad for a Realtor With Laser-Shooting Eyes

Patricia Houlihan shows off her superpowers

Looking for a real-estate agent whose superpowers are visibly evident in the form of piercing lasers shooting out of her eyeballs? Give Patricia Houlihan a call today! Houlihan, who runs her…

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Tries to Lure More Americans to Canada in New Tourism Campaign

It's 'not cold, it's cool'

To attract more U.S. tourists, Destination Canada, the country's national tourism marketing organization, brought in the big guns: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose good looks and feminist viewpoints have…

Visitors to This Open House in Canada Found an Elaborately Staged and Disturbing PSA

Seeing poverty with The Salvation Army

It was advertised like an ordinary real-estate open house, at a residence that looked fine on the outside. But when visitors came for a look inside, they got an eerie…

Social Media Stars and Seniors Teach Each Other a Little Something in Fun Retirement Ads

Odd couples in Ontario

Millennials will be young forever, so they don't have to think about stuff like retirement or pension plans. Just in case that logic proves wrong, the government of Ontario, Canada, teamed…

This Darkly Clever Billboard for a Funeral Home Leaves Toronto Motorists Aghast

John St.'s PSA in disguise

This billboard, which went up this week next to the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto, is provocative in the extreme—blatantly urging drivers to text and drive as a way of drumming…