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The World Wildlife Fund Made These Creepy Halloween Masks of Environmental Horrors

Who's up for dressing as an oil spill?

On Halloween, our greatest fears become playthings, cheeky options for dress-up and candy. But who's seriously afraid of vampires, zombies and werewolves anymore?  Our fears have changed. And the World Wildlife…

Ad of the Day: Sick Kids Are the Ultimate Fighters in Brilliant Hospital Ads by Cossette

The power of defiance, and imagination, to heal

A boy suffering from kidney failure isn't weak. He's a gladiator about to step into the ring for battle.  So says a gorgeous, jaw-dropping new campaign from SickKids Hospital—or as it's…

This Radio Station Made Fun, Clever Use of Album Covers in Ad for Its Morning Show

Willy and friends try lip-syncing

Vancouver radio station Rock 101 has a TV spot for its "Willy in the Morning" oldies show, and it's actually good. No, really. Titled "Covers," it shows people lip-syncing '80s and…

DDB Just Figured Out How to Boost Milk's Popularity: Give It a Special Glass

Doesn't it look so nice?

How do you improve a glass of milk?  By improving the glass of milk. (Ba dum—tss!)  With help from DDB Canada, the Dairy Farmers of Canada introduce The Milk Glass™. Because you…

Scotts Turf Builder Makes Grass So Green, This Agency Used It as a Green Screen

Rethink's clever 'living demo'

Here's a little inside-baseball stunt for all your advertising production people out there. Scotts Canada is running a new commercial that shows how Scotts Turf Builder Green Max will make…

SiriusXM Created a Restaurant Called Dick's Pizza Just to Make Tons and Tons of Penis Jokes

Fake ad and storefront promote comedy contest

"Nothing livens up a party quite like a big serving of Dick's." At least that's the promise of Dick's Pizza, an unfortunately named and even more unfortunately fictional restaurant created by…

This Small Canadian Island Just Launched a Pretty Ingenious Tourism Anti-Campaign

Tell your friends it's awful

The people of Bowen Island in British Columbia have a love-hate relationships with tourists. To emphasize that, the island has released a startling new community identity: "Tell your friends it's…

Alberta Tells Youth to Keep Their Vajayjays Yay-Yay in Slang-Filled STD Campaign

Are the kids gonna dig it?

With sexual transmitted diseade rates ascendant in Alberta, Canada, how can a provincial health department reach young people who clearly aren't practicing safe sex?  The answer, it turns out, is an…

Here's a Creative Director's Worst Possible Reaction When Critiquing Your Portfolio

Not what you want to hear

Here's a fun little promo for the Miami Ad School's Toronto location, showing a portfolio critique that seems like good news at first for our young hero being interviewed—but soon…

Kids Try to Solve Climate Change in PSA Campaign, Because Grownups Certainly Aren't

Complete with hand-drawn diagrams

Climate change isn't your problem—it's your children's problem. At least, it will be if the world's current crop of adults fail to act.  A new campaign from the government of Ontario,…