Topic: Campbell Soup

Campbell's Launches a Review to Consolidate Creative and Digital for 4 Brands

Combined spending exceeds $22 million

Seeking to consolidate a range of creative and digital services across four brands at a single shop, Campbell Soup Co. has launched a review for Pace, Prego, SpaghettiOs and Ready…

Big Food Cuts the Fat in Advertising to Kids

Companies deliver on commitment to adopt stricter nutrition criteria

Big food advertisers, often vilified for contributing to America’s obesity epidemic, have made good on their promise to cut the fat, salt and sugar in 171 products that are marketed…

Campbell Soup Seeks Big Ideas From Small Groups

CEO pushes soup giant to move faster, 'think outside the can'

Campbell Soup Co. certainly benefits from its large scale, but CEO Denise Morrison sees nimbleness as key to driving innovation and growth in the future. Accordingly, Morrison encourages company staffers to…

For Mobile Marketing That Really Works, Just Look to Asia

Korea and Japan are crushing it with innovative gaming and commerce executions, and a more receptive audience

Are we ever going to catch up to Asia? It’s a refrain heard far more frequently on our shores in recent years. Take automobiles. The Detroit versus Tokyo battle has resulted…

The iPhone 5 May Have Just Made Mobile Coupons Real

That mythical mobile Starbucks pop up may be coming, courtesy of iPhone's Passbook

Of the potential marketing-related features revealed on Wednesday with regards to the iPhone 5, it's the Passbook app should grab the attention of retail chains. It’s a digital wallet that’s…

What Marketers Want From iPhone 5

Near-field communications chips and standardized metrics top wish lists

Techies are waiting with bated breath to learn about the user-friendly features Apple will be unveiling with the newest version of the iPhone tomorrow (Sept. 12). Rumor mill sources are…

Fast Chat: Campbell's New Digital Lead Adam Kmiec

Former Walgreen's social head talks about the differences between retail and CPG marketing

Campbell Soup Company recently poached Adam Kmiec from Walgreens, naming him the global lead for digital marketing and social in a newly created role at the 143-year-old CPG giant. During…