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We've Just Discovered Business Pogs, and the Ad Makes Us Want to Order 10,000 of Them

Faux retro clip is fresher than the Funky Bunch

Are you tired of plain old traditional self-promotion? Business cards? What is this, the 1980s? No, clearly this is the 1990s, and you need to log on to your personal computer…

Jeweler's Clever Business Card Rolls Into a Ring Sizer

So guys don't have to ask

I have a pile of business cards on a tray in my office, and I'd be hard pressed to remember where I met the people whose names are on those…

Photographer Invents Business Card That Lets You Play Tetris

Goal is to sell them for $30

Business cards already seem pretty retro in the world of modern networking, but here's one that manages to be both cutting-edge and vintage at the same time. Portland-based photographer Kevin Bates…

If that business card didn't cost $4, it's crap

When times are tight, it's important to remember that some luxuries are still worth paying for. Like an oversized, foil-stamped, embossed, die-cut, fold-out, pop-up business card. No, it's not a…