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Burt's Bees Tells Two Young Women's Remarkable Stories of Unique Beauty

Stirring work from Baldwin&

Burt's Bees keeps it real—very real—in a pair of web videos by ad shop Baldwin&. The campaign, "Love Your Nature," touts a new line of all-natural by moisturizing lipsticks, focusing on…

Fond Farewells Flood Twitter After Death of Burt's Bees Co-founder

Burt Shavitz, 80, was an artisanal marketing pioneer

Burt's Bees cofounder Burt Shavitz has passed away at the age of 80, and fans of his quirky brand are flooding social media with remembrances. Shavitz was the namesake and face…

Burt's Bees Stages Classic Works of Literature in Six-Second Vines

Minus a few plot points

Burt's Bees doesn't exactly balm in its debut on Vine, but the effort isn't da balm, either. The brand riffs on classic literature in animated "adaptations" of 20,000 Leagues Under the…

Burt's Bees Puts a Fresh Face on Billboards and Coupons

Removing vouchers reveals hydrated model beneath

To promote its new Intense Hydration line, Burt's Bees placed a clever "interactive" billboard on a busy street in Minneapolis. The sign showed a woman whose dry skin was made…

Burt's Bees Gets Nature to Sing in Earth Day Ad

Diego Stocco's organic orchestra

That coconut has a great beat, and I can really dance to it. And those almonds are in a groove. Is that dubstep? For several years, Burt's Bees has used…