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Super Bowl Ad Sequels Often Fail, but Can Budweiser's Puppy Break the Trend?

With follow-up to last year's No. 1 hit, brewer faces the tough task of topping itself

With any rule, there are exceptions, but generally, revisiting a popular Super Bowl ad is dicey. Rarely does the sequel surpass the original. Volkswagen's "The Force" from Deutsch Los Angeles was…

Anheuser-Busch Plans 3 Ads for the Super Bowl, Including a Follow-Up to 'Puppy Love'

Bud Light will also go retro with Pac-Man spot

Anheuser-Busch has revealed that this year's Super Bowl will include one Bud Light ad and two Budweiser spots, including a sequel to 2014's megapupular "Puppy Love." With each ad clocking in…

How Tech Startups Can Reach Brands

It's less about your shiny object than how you fit in

Not withstanding the newness of what they have to offer, technology startups are remarkably tone deaf when it comes to selling their products and services to agencies and marketers. In…