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What Are ‘Micro Mobile Moments,’ and What Do They Mean for Your Brand?

Immediacy and context

With the arrival of smartwatch technology, the next chapter of the mobile revolution—wearable tech—is well underway.

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Yes, You Can Crush Clichés and Still Create Effective Campaigns

Boys and dolls

Not long ago, on a neighborhood playground, a 4-year-old girl informed one of her parents' friends that she intended to…

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The Single Greatest Barrier to Creating a Successful Brand Experience

Answers from a guru

Scott Cullather, global managing partner of branding agency inVNT, founded the firm during the 2008 recession. Today, inVNT supports brand…

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Brand Storytelling Is About to Get Much More Effective

And here's how

Content is the new digital currency. We see it in the ways publishers are reshaping their products, and in the…

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Use This Model to Evaluate Your Omnichannel Strategy

Begin recognizing customers

The world of marketing has become incredibly complex and fragmented, and in order to stay competitive marketers need to master…

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This Is the CMO's Single Biggest Challenge

Main Street vs. Wall Street

Illustration: James Walton

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Will These Metrics Become the New Standard for Measuring ROI?

Time equals money

Marketers face evolving challenges when it comes to measuring ROI. While most recognize the value of active exposure time—how long…

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3 Ways Programmatic Provides New Opportunities for Creative

Meaningful possibilities abound

Recently, a creative agency invited me to talk with them about the evolution in media buying technology. They wanted to…

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Solving the CMO’s Dilemma by Targeting Real People

Linking online and offline

Ten years ago, the Chief Marketing Officer was a perfunctory role, often relegated to coming up with a big creative…

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Why Digital Marketing Has Become an Outdated Concept

And what’s replacing it

Today's consumers make little to no distinction between the digital and the real, the online and the offline. Digital is…