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This New Image Recognition Tool Will Change How Brands Use Social Media

Visual web game changer

Brands today have an image problem. The Web has become exponentially more visual in the past decade, yet many marketers…

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What the Success of Honda’s ‘Community’ Campaign Says About Millennials and Branded Video

Online video integrations

Don't buy into the fear-mongering: Millennials still care about watching TV, and they want to watch TV on their TV…

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Did BET Crack the Code on Turning Social Mentions Into TV Ratings?

Supporting character to marketing star

Associating your brand with a pop culture trend is a great way to appear relevant to your audience, but measuring…

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How Movie Marketers Are Using Online Video to Drive Ticket Sales

Tapping influential communities

There has never been more competition for people's time and attention than there is today. While any marketer knows this,…

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3 Ways Programmatic TV Addresses the New Brand-Viewer Dynamic

Customized, cross-channel messaging

We know that the TV media landscape is fragmented—that's a forgone conclusion. What's becoming increasingly obvious to me is that…

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What Breaking a World Record Can Do for Your Brand

Viral content, ROI

The longest wish list to Santa, the largest gathering of people dressed as Batman and the largest simultaneous yodel are…

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Is Digital Marketing Responsible for the LA Kings Season Ticket Boom?

The cross-channel hat trick

When you think of the hottest events happening in Los Angeles, some of the first things that come to mind…

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The Smashmouth Guide to Making Sports Events Work for Your Brand

Championship-level strategies

In today's media cycle, sports never end. Seasons are stretched out as much as possible to maximize revenue, which means…

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How to Hit Your Brand Gooooooaaaaaal with Soccer Advertising

Sliding into success

Despite being the most popular sport in the world, soccer has long been an afterthought in American athletics. For brands,…

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These Beauty Brands Are Straight Up Owning the Selfie Trend

Taking a snapshot of the industry

Since the term was first coined in 2002, selfies have become an Internet staple. For cosmetics marketers, the selfie trend…