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BrandShare Content From Comcast Spotlight
The New Way to Advertise a TV Program From Premiere to Finale

The ‘drive for five’

Viewing patterns have undergone seismic shifts in recent years, and marketing plans need to adapt a multi-screen approach in order…

BrandShare Content From Emma
The Modern Marketer's Field Guide for Agencies

How to optimize for effective campaigns

When it comes to marketing automation, the advertising industry has often kept it at arm's length, taking the view that…

BrandShare Content From YP
5 Times Local Mobile Advertising Saved the Day, and Maybe Humanity

From pizza to zombies

Sometimes, a smartphone with a good connection can be the difference between calamity and calmness, between disaster and relief, between…

BrandShare Content From TEN
Infographic: Why Brands Are Chasing the Enthusiast Audience

Inside the backpack of a 'super influential'

Every brand wants a passionate audience, but not all audiences are as engaged as brands would like. Some consumers simply…

BrandShare Content From Product of the Year
How to Get 40,000 Consumers Talking About Your New Product

5 tips for successful launches

Illustration: Dylan Upper

BrandShare Content From The Trade Desk
6 Cannes Conversation Topics That Capture Our New Media Landscape

Programmatic comes ashore

The writer Henry Miller once said of travel that our destination is never a place, but rather a new way…

BrandShare Content From Teradata
What's the Difference Between Personalization and Individualization?

Chasing moments, not segments

"Imagine if banner ads started acting civilized—addressing customers by name, offering travel deals to their favorite cities, even giving away…

BrandShare Content From Celtra
6 Mobile Ad Formats and Their Respective Spirit Animals

Explore the ad tech animal kingdom

Advertising is a jungle. Take ad formats, for example. The variety of different sizes, behaviors, creatives, tech specs, etc., can…

BrandShare Content From Luth Research
Check Out This Cheat Sheet to Digital Ad Measurement

For your next ROI test

If there's one thing every marketer cares about, it's results. But measuring the effectiveness of a campaign and calculating the…

BrandShare Content From AARP
Is Your Obsession With Targeting Millennials Hurting Your Brand?

Missed opportunities

Marketers are obsessed with millennials, and understandably so. Yet advertisers should be careful about chasing this demographic at the expense…