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BrandShare Content From Odyssey
The Definitive List of Things Millennials Hate to See in Ads

According to millennials

Have you ever tried to talk to a millennial like, you know, a millennial? FOMO, yasss, on fleek? Well, don't.…

BrandShare Content From GumGum
How to Track Your Brand on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr

Image recognition FTW

BrandShare Content From MPA
What Your Digital Campaign Is Missing, According to Neuroscience

Triggering an emotional response

Sure, digital is the fastest growing category in terms of allocated U.S. ad spend, but there's one form of media…

BrandShare Content from Smartling
Quiz: Is Your Brand’s Content Ready to Reach New International Consumers?

Effectiveness in translation

As brands get ready for the millions of international consumers poised to enter the market in the next few years,…

BrandShare Content From Deloitte Digital
The Top 3 Things Every CMO Should Know About the Internet of Things

From IoT to ROI

The Internet of Things (IoT), the slightly clunky term for the new generation of connected cars, homes, clothes and products,…

BrandShare Content From Emma
Infographic: The Anatomy of This Beer Brand's Amazing Email

Dissecting the top sends from 2015

As every digital marketer knows, there's a lot of advice out there about how to increase email open rates, drive…

BrandShare Content From SMG
Why Brands and Agencies Are More Excited Than Ever for CES This Year

Ad tech becomes the main attraction

BrandShare Content From Rubicon Project
Introducing the Top 5 Programmatic Trends and 'Un-Trends' for 2016

What to expect—and not

It's almost 2016, and that can only mean one thing: It's time to start making predictions about the year ahead…

BrandShare Content From Taboola
What the Heck Is Good Native Advertising? [VIDEO]

Going beyond Facebook

Adweek responsive video player used on /video.

BrandShare Content From Deloitte Digital
These Are the 10 Qualities of the Best Digital CMOs

A corporate ladder-climbing listicle

Aside from the same title, CMOs today have a job that barely resembles the one they did ten, even five…