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Don’t Let Your Big Idea Escape Into the Technology Vortex

Balance reach and focus

The last time we spoke with Kevin Akeroyd from Oracle Marketing Cloud the conversation turned to marketing myths.

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Visual Storytelling Has a Tech Problem, but That’s About to Change

Rise of the visual Web

From Coca-Cola's creation of the modern Santa Claus to Levi's portrayal of "business casual" in American workplaces, images have long been…

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What Brands Stand to Gain From Sustainability Partnerships

More than just green cred

For today's brands, sustainability is a lot more than an eco-friendly label. To bill a product as "sustainable," its manufacturing…

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Infographic: 14 Things Brands Need to Know About Millennial Latinas

Hyper-cultural superheroes

The purchasing power of U.S. Hispanic shoppers is no secret: They're estimated to spend $1.6 trillion this year, according to…

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Lexus Takes a Deep Dive Into Cross-Channel Customer Behavior

Driving loyalty

Within the starts and stops of the auto industry, luxury vehicles have been one of the most resilient, consistent and profitable…

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Twitch's Live Engagement Has Turned Into a Marketing Goldmine

A solid game plan

Gaming has always been a social pastime, but with Twitch, the live-streaming video game service where viewers watch other people…

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For Advertisers, Are Video Games the New Cable TV?

Short answer: yes

Cable TV providers probably wish they could respawn and start over right about now. Pay TV, once the biggest arena…

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Gaming Companies Are Ahead of the Digital Marketing Curve

Enriching instead of interrupting

Dedicated gamers are a tough demo to crack, and when it comes to advertising, they have little patience for ads…

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What Politics Can Teach Marketers About How Millennials Share Content

The age of social network news

Politics and advertising have not always made the most comfortable bedfellows. But in today's increasingly personalized media landscape, digital publications…

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The Marketing Puzzle Is Unsolvable, but Here’s Why That Doesn’t Matter

Journeys aren't linear

It has taken a long time—maybe the entire history of advertising—but today's iconic brands are finally discovering how to balance…