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How Social Media Can Help Inform Your Content Plan

Refinery29's video head explains her inspirations

With experience at Scripps Networks and Vice under her belt, Refinery29's head of video, Amy Emmerich, is ready to bring…

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How Virtual Reality Is Leading the Way for a New Wave of Mobile Advertising

Much higher engagement rates

Mobile ad spend could reach $100 billion worldwide next year, according to eMarketer. Yet despite all the money behind it,…

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Infographic: The Ad Buying Process Is Mind-Boggling and Inefficient

Automated guaranteed fixes that

It's strange—and a bit maddening—when you think about it: While digital has fundamentally changed how we think about advertising, a…

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Why Data Quality Is Such a Big Roadblock on the Path to Omnichannel

And what to do about it

All the rage right now is talk of omnichannel. It's a concept that promises to bring retail marketers closer to…

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What's the Key to Making Great Video Content?

Funny or Die's secrets to success

Mike Farah, president of production at Funny or Die (winner of last year's Originator award for Between Two Ferns with…

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What Marketing Tool Has a 43% Opt-in Rate and Widespread Adoption?

Not email

What has an average 43 percent opt-in rate and widespread adoption? Not email, with its 2 percent opt-in, nor SMS,…

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Why Entertainment Marketers Should Be Flocking to Programmatic

Endless supply of 30-second clips

For entertainment companies, trailers and ticket sales are forever linked, and digital content goes a long way toward driving TV…

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Digital Marketers Are Facing a Crisis That’s Costing Them Billions

How to bridge the marketing skills gap

The marketing industry has a crisis on its hands. Most marketers don't know how to successfully craft and execute a…

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Reinventing the Agency Around One Principle

'What if we scrapped all of it?'

As the CEO of Momentum Worldwide, a nontraditional agency that spans all facets of creative, media and ideation, Chris Weil…

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Does Your CMO Think ‘Beacon’ Is Just a Fleeting Buzzword?

An argument for CPG

Tired of all the same old marketing think pieces? So are we, which is why we're bringing back Kim, everyone's…