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This Agency Helped Design a Restaurant That Aims to Improve Brain Health

Honeybrains was founded by a neurologist

Health food stores and juice bars pop up all over the place these days, especially in bustling cities like New York. The newest spot, Honeybrains, may seem like your average…

This Agency Designed a Toolkit to Help Marketers and Clients Improve Their Campaigns

Key tips and tricks all in 1 box

Of 1,200 marketers surveyed, over 70 percent think marketing campaigns aren't delivering the intended or promised goals. With that in mind, The Paragraph Project—a market research and brand strategy firm…

How Salesforce Snagged 'Einstein' for Its Foray Into Artificial Intelligence

New licensing deal involves the character and the name

Last week, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff touted a vision of the future in which everything and everyone will be connected and driven by machine learning and data. Benioff was launching…

Negative Chatter About Samsung Shot Up After the Galaxy Note 7 Debacle

Social data shows 186 percent jump

Samsung has a brand emergency on its hands. After weeks of reports that its flagship Galaxy Note 7 phones were catching on fire from overheated batteries, the brand ceased production…

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Now a Complete Disaster: Can the Brand Recover?

Phablet fire incident could turn Android users to Apple

After news started circulating recently that dozens of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7s  were catching fire and exploding from overheated batteries, the South Korean company was already looking at a damaged-goods situation…

Here's What Top Industry Execs Think About the Future of Video

Adweek, NCC partner on Executive Lab summit

  brightcove.createExperiences(); With the goal of surfacing best-in-class thought leadership on the convergence of video and television, Adweek, along with sponsor…

Why It’s Time to Kill Advertising as We Know It and Start Building 'Storyworlds'

Lessons from Hollywood for marketers and brands

After spending last year completing a feature film, I came back into the advertising industry energized, fresh eyed, and realized something pretty profound. This is the most exciting time in…

From Boxer to Businessman: Oscar De La Hoya on Creating the Golden Boy Brand

And how he got that nickname

There are many different roads professional athletes can take when their playing days are done. In 2002, boxing great Oscar De La Hoya stepped out of the ring and established Golden…

How Kiehl's No-Frills Creme de Corps Became the Go-to Lotion for Stars Like Oprah

1.5 bottles sold every minute

Every brand hopes for a free plug on TV—"earned media," as the trade calls it—but endorsements don't get much better than they did on Oct. 25, 2012. On a Good…

There's Now a One-Stop Shop for Brands That Want to Work With Retired NFL Players

Football Greats Alliance reps 22,000 of them

When the Los Angeles Rams take the podium during next week's NFL draft, brands and sponsors will get a look at the new wave of football talent. But this morning,…