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Facebook Just Updated Its Logo Ever So Slightly. Can You Tell the Difference?

It's in a 'custom' font now

Facebook has basically used the same logo since 2005—its name in white, in Klavika font, on a blue background. But this week, the company, which is now allegedly worth more…

Quiz: Can You Match the Brand With Its Original Logo?

They've come a long way, baby

Logos can say a lot about a brand, and just as companies and products change over time, so too do their icons. Even the most high-profile companies are constantly tweaking their…

New American Airlines Logo Triggers Ire and a Sense of Déjà Vu

Paint job shows that brands that scrap a classic look do so at their peril

When American Airlines unveiled its new logo and plane livery yesterday with the usual PR bravado (“Our new logo and tail reflect the spirit of America: innovative, progressive and open…

Iconic Icons

Susan Kare, the former Apple designer behind the 'Happy Mac' icon, discusses a well-designed life

Anyone ever give you a virtual kiss on Facebook? Ever find yourself face to face with Apple's once-ubiquitous "Happy Mac" icon? You have Susan Kare to thank. The pioneering digital…

Middle East Meets Western Brands

NYC artist employs luxury brand logos to make a geopolitical statement

Luxury American and European brands most often inspire consumers to pull out their credit cards. But in the case of Eric Parnes, they simply inspire, period. Parnes, 31, an artist of…