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Try Keeping Your Eyes on Gigi Hadid in This Whiplash-Inducing 360° Experience From BMW

A high-speed shell game

If you lose sight of supermodel Gigi Hadid in BMW's new ad, it's probably because you're too distracted by one of the automaker's sexy new M2 sports cars.  The fashion celebrity…

BMW Imagines the Car of the Future, and It's One Hell of a Sweet Ride

Who needs friends with a co-pilot like this?

Move over, KITT. This concept car from BMW makes you look like a broken-down jalopy. Behold, an AI-powered wheeled wonder straight out of William Gibson's wet dreams (or maybe his nightmares). In fact,…

BMWs Are Great for Breakups, Golf Rage and More in These Fun, Irreverent Ads

Three quirky new spots from KBS+

The handling on the BMW X1 SUV is so good, you can use it to dump all your ex's stuff right at his feet, then take off again—without ever having…

This BMW Ad With a 'Crazy' Woman Has Angered Mental Health Advocates

Brand resists calls to pull horror spoof

Will a BMW commercial that's come under fire from prominent mental-health advocates get bounced from the NCAA men's basketball tournament telecasts? The controversy over the 30-second spot, which has been running…

Katie Couric, Bryant Gumbel Revisit Hilariously Clueless 1994 Today Clip in BMW's Super Bowl Ad

What is that @ symbol, anyway?

The year was 1994. Ace of Base saw "The Sign." O.J. Simpson's white Bronco sped down the freeway. And of course, this thing called the Internet was a tiny baby.…

Five Red BMWs Drift Together in Automaker's Latest High-Octane Stunt

Great driving, hokey storyline

If you like watching pretty cars dance with each other, check out this new stunt driving ad from BMW South Africa. Five cherry red M235i coupes spin around each other in…

BMW Goes for a Spin on the World's Most Insane Racetrack: An Aircraft Carrier

Probably fake, but the feeling is real

It's one thing to drive at breakneck speeds around a barren salt flat or abandoned airport, but the pucker factor goes up a few notches when you're teetering on the…

Aspiring Audi Owners Are Insufferable Snobs in Obnoxious New Ad

'Luxury Car Abstinence' bashes BMW, Mercedes and more

Audi has earned a lot of different descriptions over the years, but "tacky" wasn't one of them. Until now. The automaker's new promotional video, "Luxury Car Abstinence," is meant to be…

Pandora Says Its Mobile Video Ads Are Heating Up With Brands

Taco Bell, BMW run pilot; local brands testing waters

Pandora's earnings call later today, per predictions, should include a boost in mobile revenues as it adapts to digital music listeners' shift from desktops to smartphones. And while mobile audio…

A Cappella Singing Is Harder in Backseat of a Speeding BMW

Swiss stunt veers off-key

Ho ho ... hum. Guess how "Jingle Bells" sounds when sung by an a cappella choir riding in the backseat of a wildly speeding and skidding BMW driven by a…