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Star Wars 'Gay Planet' Upsets Advocates and Opponents Alike

Bioware bungles addition of same-sex romance to Old Republic

If you run a popular video game and you're on the fence about including gay themes, what's the best way to make everyone happy? Not like this. Bioware, creator of Star…

Ad of the Day: Mass Effect 3

Draftfcb's latest trailer captures the emotion of a video game that's not that easy to advertise

Draftfcb San Francisco's new Mass Effect 3 spot does something few video-game ads have the confidence to try: It mixes live-action footage with shots created by the game's graphics engine. Somewhat…

EA to Float Copies of 'Mass Effect 3' Into Near Space

Also offers a female version of the main character

Beginning on Thursday, EA and Bioware will promote their video-game space odyssey Mass Effect 3 by sending copies of the game into near space via weather balloons in New York,…