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How Exciting Is Wimbledon? With Biometrics, Jaguar Takes Centre Court's Pulse

Links watching tennis and driving a sports car

If you're among the fortunate 15,000 people who can afford the $4,164 ticket price to get into the stands at Wimbledon's Centre Court this week, you're surely in for a…

Mindshare Unveils Biometric Data of Cannes Attendees Outfitted With Apple Watches for 3 Days

Lightwave program brings insights, promise for the future

CANNES, France—The Cannes Lions festival needs to increase its engagement with delegates who are on their second and third visits. Agencies looking to recruit young people here should focus their…

How Brands Can Use Biometric Data in Ways That Go Far Beyond Fitness

Mindshare, Lightwave team up for a Cannes showcase

Exercise has been the most natural area for branded applications of biometric data. But now, Mindshare and Lightwave are joining forces to show marketers a world of possibility beyond that—in…

Sen. Franken Frets Over Apple's Fingerprint Technology

Users could be impersonated for life

It's one thing for a hacker to get your digital password and impersonate you on the Internet; you can easily change your password. But your fingerprint is a whole other…