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CORRECTION: Google Continuing Rollout of Search Retargeting Options

More advertisers targeting users who've recently clicked on search ads

Correction: On Tuesday, Adweek posted an article which reported that Google is testing a new search retargeting feature. The story alleged that Google had begun allowing advertisers to run display ads…

Google Drops Knowledge (Graph) on Search

First step toward next generation of search, says company

Essential as search is to digital marketing--search received 47 percent of the $31.7 billion spent on online advertising in 2011, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Pricewaterhouse Coopers—it's not…

Microsoft Revamps Bing With Social Sidebar

Three-column design rolling out over coming weeks

Microsoft’s Bing has been gradually gaining traction in the search space by excelling at something Google doesn't own: social search. For example Bing users can link their Facebook accounts in…

Microsoft's Kirsten Ward Adds Xbox to Her Purview

Veteran Bing, MSN leader broadens her role

Microsoft is looking to tie more closely together its Web media properties (like Bing and MSN) and its gaming/media juggernaught Xbox. Kirsten Ward, who had recently served as Microsoft’s director of…

Bing, Viggle to Partner for Second-Screen Grammy Effort

Search engine will debut latest TV spot during show

Microsoft’s Bing search engine will partner with mobile app Viggle to interact with viewers during Sunday night’s Grammy Awards. Bing will also air the latest ad from its “Bing Is…

Bing Ad Celebrates Kevin Pearce's Return to Snowboarding

But should it be re-edited following another skier's death?

It's been a long two years for Kevin Pearce, the American snowboarder who was critically injured on New Year's Eve in 2009, suffering a traumatic brain injury when he hit…

First Mover: Frank Holland

Microsoft’s longtime operations exec on what it’s like to manage advertising

For most of your Microsoft career, you’ve been responsible for the company’s supply chain and operations strategy. Why move into advertising? It wasn’t an obvious thing that I wanted to take…

Microsoft and Mozilla Launch ‘Firefox With Bing’

New browser to challenge Google Chrome

Mozilla has teamed up with Microsoft to launch a new version of the Firefox browser using Microsoft’s Bing as the integrated search option. The deal comes just a few weeks…

Ad of the Day: Bing

Facebook friends improve your search results in CP+B's quirky new spots

As you probably know by now, Bing isn't just a search engine. It's a social search engine. It doesn't spit out a string of results from some abstract, alien algorithm…

The New Bing on TV

Ad campaign trumps up Facebook connection

This week, Microsoft announced its partnership with Facebook in order to enhance Bing’s search results. Eager to begin promoting the new Bing, Microsoft was quick to roll out a new…