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Why The Beatles Needed Digital Streaming to Maintain Their Brand

Got to go where the young folks are

The Beatles' shareholders—Universal Music Group, mainly, nowadays—could no longer believe in yesterday when it comes to the online distribution of pop music's most iconic brand. On Wednesday, UMG revealed that The…

Why Led Zeppelin, Billy Joel and Dylan Now Readily Sell Their Songs to Brands

Easy money, new audience appeal to classic rockers

When Led Zeppelin licensed “Rock and Roll” to Cadillac for its “Break Through” spot in 2002, it was a huge coup for the carmaker, as the band had never let…

Nothing Can Stop The Walking Dead

AMC’s zombie apocalypse drama tops the Olympics, everything else on TV

The midseason premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead did its usual number on the rest of the TV landscape, scaring up 15.8 million viewers and a whopping 8.2 rating in…

The Beatles, Vin Diesel, J.D. Salinger and Naomi Watts Make This Week's Mashup of Movie Trailers [Video]

The weekend's top movie trailers condensed for easy consumption

Irresistible since he growled to fame as the eponymous Iron Giant in Brad Bird's impeccable animated reworking of a kid's story by an English poet, Vin Diesel went on to…

5 Songs That Musicians Sued to Keep Out of Ads

Black Keys complaint joins a litany of lawsuits

The Black Keys say they never signed up to promote Cheesy Bites Pizza and power tools, so the rock duo has filed federal lawsuits against Pizza Hut and Home Depot…

A Hard Day’s Night: Bieber Special Flops

NBC’s two-part tour doc draws just 3 million viewers

In a moment of hubris documented in his NBC special, Justin Bieber compared himself to the Beatles. And while the Canadian pop phenom certainly draws his share of screaming teenage…

CBS Scores Second Biggest Grammy Audience of All Time

39 million viewers tune in as industry honors Whitney, Adele

Whitney Houston may have cast a long shadow over the 54th Grammy Awards, but the music community’s response to the singer’s death helped generate huge ratings for CBS. According to preliminary…