Topic: Bathrooms

Mexican Newspaper Offers Breaking News via Paper Towel Dispenser

Stunt reportedly boosts site visits 37%

Who says print is dead? Maybe it's just on an extended bathroom break. Mexican free newspaper Mas Por Mas recently rigged paper towel dispensers in select corporate, mall and cinema toilets…

Poo-Pourri Returns to Help Women Suppress the Stench of 'Man-Manure'

Follow-up to viral hit 'Girls Don't Poop'

Ladies, are you looking for "the perfect solution to his stinking pollution"? If so, we've got some good news: Poo-Pourri is back with another spritz of its sweet-smelling viral advertising. The…

Public bathrooms get worse with mirror ads

Chicago's O'Hare airport might never install more electrical outlets, but they'll make up for it with mirror ads in the public bathrooms. Over the next couple of months, Clear Channel…