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White Castle Is NYC's Cleanest Food Chain But IHOP comes in last

When it comes to choosing fast food, cleanliness is a major factor. Recently, the blog I Quant NY took a closer look at New York City's restaurant inspection data and…

October 2, 2014, 1:54 PM EDT

The iPhone 5 May Have Just Made Mobile Coupons Real That mythical mobile Starbucks pop up may be coming, courtesy of iPhone's Passbook

Of the potential marketing-related features revealed on Wednesday with regards to the iPhone 5, it's the Passbook app should grab the attention of retail chains. It’s a digital wallet that’s…

September 13, 2012, 12:00 AM EDT

Jackson Hewitt Finds a New Lead Agency 22squared succeeds Zimmerman Advertising

Experience with financial services was naturally a factor in Jackson Hewitt's decision to hire 22squared as its new lead agency for its creative and media business. Just as important, however,…

September 1, 2011, 6:44 AM EDT

'Ice Cream and Cake' tests limits of sanity

Say what you will about this brain-drilling new ad for Baskin-Robbins, but you have to be impressed by its ability to mention "ice cream and cake" 16 times in a…

July 20, 2009, 8:27 AM EDT

New Baskin-Robbins ad a bit of a car wreck

Cliff Freeman and Partners scoops up (ha!) a tepid try at humor in this spot for Baskin-Robbins. During Dad's driving lesson, a teenage girl smacks into another car in the…

March 30, 2009, 9:03 AM EDT