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How Volkswagen Found the Perfect Moment for Its Latest Safety Spot

Inside Deutsch's 'Baby' ad for Jetta

IDEA: If you have kids, you may never have driven as fearfully as when you pulled away from the hospital with your firstborn. It's an auspicious moment to base an…

E*Trade Baby Sees the World in Amped-Up Super Bowl Spot

How to spend what you'd save on hidden fees

ETrade released its 2013 Super Bowl ad on Friday, showing the company's iconic talking baby boldly going where he's never gone before. The talking tot informs viewers that they could lose…

Where Do Babies Come From? In Kia's Super Bowl Ad, a Planet Called Babylandia

David&Goliath preps otherworldly :60

A flustered father answers his son's pressing question "Where do babies come from?" with a Super Bowl-worthy blockbuster of a tall tale—set on a distant planet called Babylandia—in Kia's upcoming…