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Creative Judges Get Hit Up for Favors in Cheeky Ads for an Awards Show Not Judged by Creatives

Epica touts its neutrality

When creatives judge their fellow creatives in awards shows, one might argue it's a good way to ensure strong work is appreciated. Others might argue it gets a bit ...…

A New Magazine Called 'It Ran' Will Run Any Ad You Make, So It's Eligible for Awards

Cheat slightly less, for a good cause

Bogus ads that never ran are a scourge on advertising award shows. But now, you can make sure your bogus ads actually did run—thanks to a new magazine in Canada…

Introducing the Handys, the Award Show for Advertising's Biggest Wankers

You don't even have to enter work

Advertising awards have reached peak honesty with the Handys, a new (fake) show that isn't a show at all—it's an app where you get a prize just for shaking your…

Huge Mole on Man's Face Becomes an Advertising Superstar in Brilliantly Insane Video

An awards call for entries to rule them all

We've seen hilarious ad awards call for entries. We've seen slutty ad awards call for entries. Now, it's time for a brilliant but batshit crazy ad awards call for entries. Borghi/Lowe…

Finally, Advertising Case Study Videos Get Their Own Award Show

Because you work harder on them than on the ads

Case study videos. I could watch them all day long. They're my favorite form of media entertainment—apart from sitcoms starring Concord grapes, that is. These days, advertising case studies are…

Advertising Eats Itself With First Industry Award Show Honoring Awards

Enter the Awardees today!

There are plenty of award shows in advertising, but none devoted to the craft of making the award statuettes themselves. Until now. Check out the Awardees. From the website: Some of society's…

There's Now an Awards Show Honoring the Best Animated GIFs

'A medium, social commentary and art form'

Proving yet again that there's no creative endeavor too specific to merit its own awards show, CP+B Los Angeles has launched the .GIFYs, honoring animated GIFs "as a medium, social…

ANDY Awards Celebrate Bravery in Call for Entries for 50th Anniversary

Droga5 also designs a special new statue

Droga5, an agency that knows a thing or two about fearless creative, has designed the call for entries for the 2014 International ANDY Awards—the show's 50th anniversary—around the idea of…

No One Cares About Your Stupid Ad Awards, Especially Not Your Kids

John St. puts Canada's Cassies in perspective

Ha, ha, dumb advertising people, no one in his or her right mind cares about your lame industry awards! Ad agency John St. does a great job of communicating that…

More Tasteless Ads That Never Ran: The 2012 Chip Shop Awards

Vote now for your favorites

It's time again for the Chip Shop Awards, the one advertising award show that doesn't care whether the ads actually ran or not—or indeed, if you even work for the…