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Naysayers Motivate Young Athletes by Calling Them Lazy and Undeserving in Campaign for IMG Academy

Droga5 created the inspiring spots

Kids today are lazy, unmotivated and have everything handed to them. They want to be praised and rewarded, but don't want to do any of the hard work. You might…

Want to Sell Men's Grooming Products? Hire an Athlete, Not a Hollywood Star

Guys prefer 'strong, virile' pitchmen

When it comes to endorsing beauty brands, actresses are a popular choice. Think Jennifer Lawrence for Dior, Eva Mendes for Estée Lauder and Keira Knightley for Chanel. But for selling,…

New Balance Is Now More Than Just a Sneaker Maker

New campaign positions brand as athletics company

New Balance wants to be known for more than its sneakers, and it has tapped 17 athletes to help make that happen. The Boston-based brand has evolved into a full-blown…

How a $0 Marketing Budget Bought a Fortune in Athlete Endorsements

Mizzen + Main's dress shirts for jocks get priceless plugs

Apart from being star athletes, Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints, the Washington Nationals' Bryce Harper, the L.A. Clippers' Dahntay Jones, Pierre Garçon of the Washington Redskins and Joe…

Inside the Effort to Brand Tom Brady

Funny memes, childhood photos and his own personal logo

You may have noticed this past NFL season that Gisele Bündchen has been busy sharing her family's New England Patriots pride on Instagram, or that husband Tom Brady has been…

Nike's Scandal Woes Just a Numbers Game

With billions invested in athletic endorsement deals, there's bound to be a few duds

Nike has a troubling knack for endorsing athletes prone to scandals, right? Not really. In fact, the brand’s troubles stem from its own success. “They just have the preponderance of athletes…