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Facebook's New Custom Ad Tools Target an Audience From Desktop to Mobile

Bullseye on users allows businesses to focus messages

Facebook advertisers can now hit moving targets—users as they switch from laptops to smartphones to tablets. The social network announced new self-serve tools for marketers today that bring retargeted advertising…

IAB Post Mortem: Deep Industry Divide on Native Ads

Direct response-heavy crowd delivers mostly cold response

Despite all the hype and enthusiasm surrounding native advertising, there's a rift in the digital ad business and it's deeper than you might think. The big-data-standardized-units-programmatic-platform crew at #iabalm is a…

Digital Has an Ad Problem and Lots of Solutions

But which technique is best for the online environment?

It’s Advertising Week, which means it’s time for a barrage of panels full of questions like “Are banners dead?” and “Native advertising: the wave of the future?” And while some…

Facebook Credits: Marketers Say Good Riddance

Removes consumer perception problems, say experts

There will be no funeral for Facebook Credits among the companies that ran Credits-based campaigns for advertisers. Even Plink, a loyalty rewards company that initially built its entire business around…

AOL Backs Ad Startup Appssavvy

CEO touts 'activity-based' ads

Appssavvy, a startup promising an alternative to traditional online advertising, has secured new funding from big names in the media world. The company's new round totaled $7.1 million, and it came…

Appssavvy Ditches Banners for In-Game Activity Ads

Startup switches gears for higher engagement

Startups love the word “pivot,” but it’s rare that a company will outright ditch one money-making strategy for another untested one. That’s the case with Appssavvy. The company serves display…