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Offerman, Robinson Back for Round 2 of New Era's Cubs-White Sox Campaign

What would Nick give for a World Series victory?

NBC sitcom stars Nick Offerman, a Cubs fan, and Craig Robinson, a White Sox fan, return in a second satisfying Brooklyn Brothers spot for sports-cap maker New Era. (See the…

Bethenny Frankel Tries to Bring 'Real Women' to Skinnygirl

Does she really deserve a pat on the back?

There's truth—real authenticity—in this advertising. At least, that's the promise behind campaigns like the one for just-launched Skinnygirl Smoothers n' Shapers, a line of Spanx-like underthings from ubiquitous loudmouth and…

Angry Cat Among Those Testing Columbia Sportswear Products

Plus, a second disgusting taste test this week

Columbia Sportswear, last seen freezing its underlayers off with hypothermia-defying Dutch stuntman Wim Hof, has now created a faux science YouTube series called "Great Moments in Trying Stuff" to celebrate…

Kate Upton Attracts World's Nastiest Creatures in New Ad

Foul-mouthed cockroach spot from Zoo York

Last we saw supermodel and Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton, she was wolfing down a 740-calorie Carl's Jr. burger packed with jalapeño peppers and 47 grams of fat. Ha!…

Mr. T Pitches Old Navy Tees in Fun Infomercial Parody With Anna Faris

Two minutes of inspired silliness

I pity the fool who thinks Mr. T will ever go out of style—or that I would refrain from opening this story with the catchphrase of the aging '80s icon.…

Bear Grylls Still Wearing the Pants, at Least in Dockers Ads

Fired Discovery star in new campaign

Discovery Channel reportedly terminated its relationship with Bear Grylls this week over a contractual dispute—which would seem to be unfortunate timing for Dockers, which is in the midst of rolling…

Sears Wins Contest for Most Inappropriate T-Shirt of the Year

Item is quickly pulled from online store

When it comes to the politics of provocative T-shirts, there are degrees of complexity and impropriety. JCPenney last year caused much anxiety and heated intellectual debate over gender roles with…

Bloody Parking-Lot Crime Scene: A Wrangler Production?

'Found footage' sure has a lot of jeans in it

No one falls for the "homemade" video anymore. Most of us see a shaky handheld clip or a piece of "found footage" online and immediately ask which movie or brand…

Finally: Scratch-n-Sniff Jeans That Smell Like Raspberries

Come on, you know you want them

Asking someone to sniff your pants probably counts as sexual harassment, but what if the jeans smelled so nice, they just had to be sniffed? I'll assume that Naked &…

James Franco Tries Advertising, Directs Spots for Seven Jeans

What took him so long?

Oh look, James Franco is doing something new with a camera. The actor, etc., is adding adman to his already-crowded resume by directing a series of 10 spots for designer…