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Let's Remember Weiner This Way

VideoWatch's Awesome Stupid Video of the Week

It's over. We think. Anthony Weiner will not be New York City's mayor. At least not in 2014. Though there's always the governor's race next year. So let's remember Weiner not…

The New Yorker's Anthony Weiner Cover Draws Praise on Twitter

Caricatures struggling mayoral candidate

Even as legacy news organizations work to find their footing online, the power of print endures on social media. Such was the case this morning when The New Yorker published…

Larry Flynt Offers Anthony Weiner a Job

And he's completely serious, too

Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt has decided to do something about the nation’s unemployment problem—well, sort of. In a letter published in the Huffington Post, Flynt has offered disgraced former congressman…

Weinergate in the Media

N.Y. congressman has friends, foes, and those just looking for a scoop

New York Congressman Anthony Weiner finally put to rest swirling rumors about a now infamous NSFW image that appeared on the politician’s Twitter feed on May 27. At a news…