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People Don't Use TV Apps, and Mobile Gaming Is Set to Implode

Bold rhetoric from top executives and analysts at CES

If you spent any time walking around the various small cities that the major electronics companies erected last week at CES, you probably noticed how confident their executives were that…

Angry Birds Developer Rovio Buys Finnish Game Studio Futuremark

'Space' edition of popular bird-launching game hits 10 million downloads in 3 days

Angry Birds developer Rovio has a lot to be happy about. It has purchased Futuremark Games Studio, the gaming side of the Futuremark software company—and just three days after the release…

Information Diet: David Wain

The 'Wanderlust' director enjoys curating news and notes on his iPhone but draws a line when it comes to games like Angry Birds

Specs Who David Wain Age 42 Accomplishments Writer/director of Wet Hot American Summer, Role Models and the upcoming Wanderlust (Feb. 24): creator/star of Web series Wainy Days, Hosted by My Damn Channel (available…

Information Diet: John Cho

The co-star of Harold & Kumar comes clean about his addiction to Angry Birds and his epiphany after reading The New York Times in print.

What’s the first information you consume in the morning? I try to hit the Los Angeles Times and New York Times sites. I just bought The New York Times–the real paper–the…

Angry Birds: Coming to a Stadium Near You

The crowd game will debut this weekend

So you’ve already conquered every level in the Angry Birds game, bought a few Angry Birds stuffed animals, have plans to see the Angry Birds movie, and can’t wait to…

Eyeing Asia, Angry Birds to Take Flight . . . for Real

Hard-core fans will try to kill pigs during Finnair trip

In an ambitious branding blitz, the popular mobile game Angry Birds has already flown from the digital world to the analog arena of board games, T-shirts, and toys. Now, Rovio,…

Game Developers Play With Google+

Angry Birds maker and others look at Google's gaming potential

Google took its next step in challenging Facebook's social dominance last week with the launch of the first games for its new social network, Google+. But will the company win…

Google+ Adds Games

Better deal for developers threatens Facebook

"When you're ready to play, the Games page is waiting," announced Vic Gundotra, Google’s senior vice president of engineering. Google+ has now given Facebook a whole new reason to be…

Angry Birds Are Hungry for Advertising

Rovio wants to understand game's fans, then sell to them

SAN FRANCISCO—Angry Birds has become an enormous mobile gaming hit, with more than 250 million downloads. Now Rovio, the company behind the game, says it's ready to start making more…

Angry Birds Prepares to Conquer the Box Office

Former Marvel chairman will executive produce

They’ve conquered mobile phones worldwide, been reincarnated as plush toys, and will soon be available on your TV. Now, everybody’s favorite flock of warring birds and their porcine enemies are…