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Winning the New York Lottery Makes You Exactly as Funny as Andy Richter

Pay him to write jokes for you

Two fairly amusing New York Lottery commercials from DDB New York illustrate just what it means to be "that kind of rich." In one spot, a lottery millionaire spends big…

Andy Richter Irrationally Afraid of Cheerios Man-Bee

Free cereal tainted by terror in Funny or Die clip

Andy Richter can make any situation funny. Or so I thought until I watched "Scared of Bees," a Funny or Die clip that both promotes and spoofs Honey Nut Cheerios'…

Andy Richter will not admit your car's better

Do not get in a pissing contest with Andy Richter over new cars. That's the takeaway from this 90-second spoof Nissan commercial, put together by The Midnight Show, one of…