Whiskas Takes You to Kitten Kollege in This Adorable Online Campaign

Because there's so much to learn

London agency AMV BBDO has partnered with Google, Mediacom and College Humor on "Kitten Kollege," a digital campaign for Whiskas U.K. that references college promotional videos and, to a degree,…

Ad of the Day: Guinness Tells Athletes' Dark Stories in Gripping Ads for Rugby's World Cup

The transformative power of team sports ... and beer?

The struggle to feel secure with your identity and be your best self is the theme of two short films created for Guinness by AMV BBDO in London. The ads,…

Ad of the Day: Ewan McGregor Takes the Piss Out of Advertising in Funny BT Campaign

Yet another anti-pitchman

The year of the celebrity anti-pitchman continues, with Ewan McGregor poking fun at the absurdities of the advertising process in AMV BBDO's amusing campaign for British TV and Internet provider…

Snickers Got YouTubers to Post Terrible Videos as If They Recorded Them Hungry

Another fun take on 'You're Not You'

For a campaign that's five years old, Snickers' "You're Not You When You're Hungry" is having quite the creative renaissance this year. The Super Bowl ad was fantastic (as was the…

Ad of the Day: Meet the Coolest Guy in the World Who Happens to Suffer From Urine Leakage

AMV BBDO's in-control manifesto

Say hello to Stirling Gravitas, the most in-control man in the world. This dapper, mustachioed dude "of a certain age" tames lions by telling them to "Stay!" and smashes wooden planks…

Clever Outdoor Ads List Cost of Their Own Square Footage If They Were Homes in England

Protesting U.K.'s soaring real estate prices

Several hard-hitting outdoor campaigns have protested soaring home prices in the U.K. lately, including these bleak billboards narrated by people who've been priced out of London. Now, AMV BBDO has…

People Ignore a Giant Lump Growing on a Street in This Clever Cancer PSA Stunt

The dangers of being oblivious

Never underestimate people's power not to give a damn about what's right in front of them. We've seen this time and again in outdoor ad stunts, and this latest one from…

Mars Bar (Finally) Brings Together Dogs, Pan Pipes and the Miami Vice Soundtrack

Candy brands seem to be in an escalating war of weirdness

In case you doubted that absurdist advertising is now the go-to approach for candy companies, this new spot for Mars Bar should be a good reminder. Created by U.K. agency AMV…

Ad of the Day: Sainsbury's Recreates Famous 1914 Christmas Truce in Stunning New Ad

Ringan Ledwidge directs AMV BBDO's remarkable story of sharing

Monty the penguin has his first real competition for best Christmas ad of the year, as Sainsbury's just rolled out a remarkable long-form spot that couldn't be more different than…

U.K. Drunk-Driving Ad Makes Cruelly Ironic Use of Kool & the Gang's 'Celebration'

Marking 50 years of sobering PSAs

The 50th anniversary of England's first drunk-driving PSA inspires a sobering celebration in this Department for Transport campaign. Kool & the Gang's 1980 hit "Celebration" anchors the new spot spot from…