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Hopping Amtrak's SXSW Express

Government railroad's social media marketing seems just the ticket

These days, flying coach on any airline is so awful that it’s practically an ad by default for the train. But Amtrak, America’s long-suffering passenger railroad (which in fact carried…

Perspective: Just Look at That

Be it 1955 or 2011, passenger trains have advertised the one thing the airplane doesn't have: a really decent view

Sometimes, the true beauty of a marketing campaign is not so much that it spotlights one of a brand's many dazzling attributes, but makes the best of the only one…

Insufferable brats prefer to travel on Amtrak

This Arnold ad for Amtrak shows kids acting like their parents, but not in good ways. Basically, they bitch and moan about planes and automobiles, while trains are positioned as…