Topic: Alaska

Philips Creates a Stunning Explosion of Color and Snow With 'Afterglow'

Night skiing becomes a work of art in ad for backlit TVs

If you like any combination of amazing colors, night skiing and striking imagery, Philips has an ad for you. To promote its color-backlit Ambilight televisions, the electronics manufacturer teamed up with…

Newspaper Ad Asking 'Got Stumps?' Appears Above Photo of Amputee

Definitely wasn't Anchorage business' intent

Here's a front-page ad placement disaster so awkward, it makes you feel bad for everyone involved. A tree service ad bought a year in advance ran in Sunday's Anchorage Daily News…

Taco Bell Has an Extremely Active Social Marketing Team

Tressie Lieberman's team is always ready

There was no time for rest this past Labor Day for Taco Bell’s social marketing team, busy shooting a YouTube video about a fan who started a drawing club out…

Taco Bell Airlifts a Ton of Tacos Into Remote Alaskan Village

Kodiak is getting Pitbull, but Bethel scores too

With the pungent, gut-grinding scents of Taco Bell wafting on the icy breeze and the bass-heavy beat of Pitbull soon to shake snow from the trees, rural Alaska is getting…