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Sandra Bullock Is Lost in Space, Dracula Is Back and JFK Gets Shot Again [Video]

Mashed up trailers from this weekend's new releases

It's a rare occasion when the two leads of the week's biggest new movie have a combined age of more than 100 years, especially when one of them isn't Woody…

Adweek Does Advertising Week [Video]

What our staff made of last week's industry lovefest: the wins, the fails and the WTFs

Lisa Granatstein, Mike Shields, Tony Case, Emma Bazilian, Tim Nudd, Lucia Moses, Gabriel Beltrone and Andrew McMains offer up their thoughts on the Wins, the Fails and the WTFs of…

Meatballs, Metallica Among the Mashed in This Week's Trailer Roundup [Video]

Also, Scarlett Johansson in Don Jon and Paula Patton in Baggage Claim

Perhaps Pam Grier's down-at-heel air hostess in Jackie Brown was the last nail in the coffin. The least of Grier's achievements in what is still Quentin Tarantino's best film was…

Why VW? Brand Genius Kevin Mayer, That's Why [Video]

VW's vp of marketing talks cars and campaigns with Adweek editorial director Jim Cooper

Brand Genius and Volkswagen vp of marketing Kevin Mayer kindly dropped by the Adweek offices recently to talk to editorial director Jim Cooper about the secrets of a winning campaign.

Next Week's Headlines Ahead of Adweek's Brand Genius Issue [Video]

Crowdfunding, brilliant marketing and more from Jim Cooper and the team

Lucia Moses wonders what will be the outcome of the big divorce at Time, Emma Bazilian takes a look at why big brands are chasing crowdfunding, Robert Klara reveals this…

Bodybuilders, B-Boy Dancers and the Late Great Gandolfini in This Week's New Movies [Video]

Also starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jake Gyllenhall and the Twin Towers

In the absence of a blockbuster tent-pole, the wide release this week is an example of that more recent modern oddity, the 3-D dance movie. This time it's the 3-D…

All Cars Are Women and All Women Are Cars [Video]

Comedian Lauren Reeves gets under the hood of car advertising, and finds a woman's body

In her second Mad Woman video column for Adweek, comedian Lauren Reeves takes a close look at the most powerful engine driving car advertising.  

De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer and Harry Dean Stanton in This Week's '80s-ish Movie Trailer Mashup [Video]

Insidious: Chapter 2, The Rapture among this weekend's new flicks

Back in 1988, Michelle Pfeiffer (b. 1958) was Married to the Mob in the form of Alec Baldwin (b. 1958). In this week's The Family she is once again so…

Agent Provocateur Is Performing a Public Service [Video]

Our new video columnist Lauren Reeves explains the link between X-ray vision and expensive underwear

Hello, I'm Lauren Reeves and I'm here to break down what advertisements really mean, because if I know anything, I know hidden persuaders. It's like that little devil who lives on…

Selena Gomez, Kids With Guns and a Hitchcockian Rachel McAdams in this Weekend's New Movies [Video]

Our weekly mashup of trailers

Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo is the greatest movie ever made—at least according to last year's Sight and Sound magazine worldwide poll of film directors and reviewers. Indeed there was  once a…