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The Joy of Pranking [Video]

Mad Woman Lauren Reeves loves to see people scared to death in ads

Hi, it's me, Lauren! That prankvertising sales tactic everyone is so hot on right now has another side to it. It's not just about making a quick buck from a quick…

The Adweek 50 Is Back [Video]

Plus the week's top media, advertising and digital headlines

Jim Cooper and the team preview next week's Adweek 50 special issue plus a summary of the stories we're following this week.  

Fassbender, Cruz, Bardem and a Bad Grandpa Get Mashed [Video]

A mashup of trailers for this weekend's new releases

Ridley Scott says jump, actor says gravity be damned. Gleefully launching through the hoops of Scott's new thriller, The Counselor, is as attractive a group of adult movie stars as draws…

Six Questions: Barbara Apple Sullivan

Sullivan NYC CEO shares fresh content insights

Brand engagement firm Sullivan NYC has launched a new content strategy and full-service custom communications team—which is called Imprint—to create a seamless experience for clients across sales, marketing, education and…

The Death of the Tablet, New Direction at CP+B and the Week's Media News [Video]

A preview of next week's stories in The Adweek

Jim Cooper and the team deliver their weekly roundup of the top media, advertising and digital stories of the past week plus previews of next week's issue. Find out about…

The Real Hot List Is Revealed in The Adweek [Video]

The week's top advertising and media stories rounded up in less than two minutes

Jim Cooper and the team's weekly round-up of the stories we've got for you in next week's issue.

Dynamic Duos: Debbie Harry and Sting, Tom Hanks and Pirates, and Romeo and Juliet [Video]

A mashup of trailers for this weekend's new movies

There's no shortage of theories about how to make an innovative low-budget movie, but judging by its trailer and website, Escape From Tomorrow has created an entirely new model. Shooting…

What Exactly Is a BFG? [Video]

CEO Kevin Meany says the most powerful weapon is keeping it local

Forget TV, forget celebrity endorsements, BFG founder and CEO Kevin Meany says the most powerful weapon is keeping it local. 

Who Is the 21st Century Man of the World? [Video]

Alan Maleh explains why men of the world need Man of the World

Who is is the Man of the World? He's not a boy, not a senior citizen—maybe a business traveler? He certainly likes his wristwatches.

It's Man Time in The Adweek This Week

This week's headlines, next week's Men's Issue stories

Jim Cooper rounds up this week's big media headlines while the staff previews next week's manly Men's Issue stories.