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Hobbits, American Hustlers and Madea in This Week's Movie Trailer Mashup [Video]

New holiday season releases

In what is hoped to be a seasonal tradition, there's a new film this week from David O. Russell to follow last year's Christmas release of Silver Linings Playbook. To…

Nudd's Naughty and Nice 2013 [Video]

'Tis the season to be selling, and Tim Nudd will tell you if you're doing it right

Yes, it's that time of year—when Tim Nudd settles down in front of the yule log to cast his expert gaze across the seasonal TV offerings from marketers determined to…

Adweek's Ads of the Year: How Many Do You Recognize?

48 great spots from 2013

You've seen our picks for the 10 Best Ads of 2013, but can you name all the ads that made it to our shortlist of 48 spots? Check out the…

The Adweek Agencies of the Year Issue [Video]

Jim Cooper and the team provide a preview

What are the criteria to be Adweek's Agency of the Year? Plus: Minority Report-style advertising is genuinely on its way says one ad guy, and a chat with Parks and…

Martians, Penguins and Other Christmas Regulars in This Week's New Movies [Video]

Out of the Furnace, Inside Lewellyn Davis and Khumba trailers mashed

As the year approaches its twilight and Christmas movie options begin to avail themselves, two familiar genres have emerged on cue. There is the film-star-doing-acting genre, and there is the…

Celebs Who Make You Buy Things [Video]

Mad Woman Lauren Reeves on the stars of the silver-tongued sales pitch

Hi again, If I know anything, it's that people love three things: 1) money 2) fame 3) counting Celebrities have been doing ads since the beginning of time, even before they were famous, and why…

The Hot List Gala 2013 [Video]

Lauren Reeves catches up with winners and guests

Cosmo's Joanna Coles and FX's John Landgraf are among those chatting with Lauren Reeves at Adweek's first-ever Hot List Awards party, plus a quick hello from special guest Louis C.K.  

Mandela, Bettie Page, James Franco and Spike Lee's Old Boy in This Week's Movie Trailer Mashup [Video]

The holiday weekend's top flicks

As the entitled scion of Hollywood royalty, Josh Brolin could very easily have devolved into, say, Scott Caan or Jake Busey. But after two decades running the gauntlet of supporting…

The Hot List Is Coming [Video]

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week's big media stories so far and a peek at next week's issue from Jim Cooper and the team.

Social Ad Overload? [Video]

Jim Cooper and the team preview Adweek's upcoming issue

In the Adweek this week, Facebook's latest ad dilemma, Newt Gingrich's media habits and a round-up of the big stories of the week.