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House GOP Sides With Big Food and Ad Lobbies

Hearing a victory for opponents of food marketing guidelines

It's been a good day for the food, beverage, and advertising lobbies and their fight against the federal government’s proposed voluntary guidelines for marketing food to children. During a joint hearing…

Ronald McDonald, Toucan Sam to Get Pardons From Feds?

Serious changes to food marketing guidelines discussed

The federal agencies behind the government's proposed voluntary guidelines for marketing food to children appear ready to back down on certain elements of the guidelines that have been the subject…

Feds May Soften Controversial Food Marketing Guidelines

Letter to House Republican talks of changes

The federal government's proposed food guidelines for marketing food to children, though voluntary, caused an uproar in the food and advertising industry, leading to an aggressive lobbying campaign on the…

Reebok Ad

Reebok's $25M Settlement Signals New Day at FTC

Commission taking harder line with advertisers

The Federal Trade Commission's $25 million settlement with Reebok for deceptive ad practices sent a clear message to advertisers: If you're going to make specific health or safety claims, you…

Top NFC Mobile Marketing Firms Form Alliance

The three firms each cover a global region

Until now, most of the buzz surrounding NFC (near field communication) technology has focused on its use in mobile wallets or payment systems. But that’s hardly the limit of NFC’s…

3M Delivers Post-its for the Digital Age

New PopNotes app offers location-based reminders

Is a Post-it still a Post-it without its fun, sticky backing? In an attempt to bring those delightfully low-tech notes into the high-tech digital age, 3M is launching a new…

Big Tobacco Gets Top First Amendment Lawyer for New Suit

'Adweek' talks to Floyd Abrams about why he's taken the case

Tobacco companies are pulling out the big guns in their quest to stop the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's new graphic warnings for cigarette packaging. On Tuesday, a group of…

Congress Gets Involved in Fight Over Food Marketing Guidelines

New voluntary rules have been tough battle for industry

WASHINGTON—The food and beverage lobby is finally getting some attention on Capitol Hill as it tries to neuter the government's proposed voluntary guidelines for marketing food to children. More than…

Perspective: Soaking It In

Paper towels really haven't changed that much—that explains why their advertising has

When a brand manages to stay in business for a century or more, it’s often because the agile R&D guys keep the core product up to date. But sometimes the…

Advertisers Hope House Bill Will Squash New Food Guidelines

Language would cut funds needed for implementation

Advertisers are hopeful that a clause in a new House appropriations bill for 2012 will throw a monkey wrench into the government's proposal for new guidelines on marketing food to…