Topic: Advergames

Brands Follow Tweens to Digital Games

Advergames and before-game spots pick up speed.

Tie your ad to a Selena Gomez virtual makeover game and position your brand nearer a tween girl’s heart. That’s a gender-specific version of a theory being tested by Lego,…

'80s Sitcom 'Perfect Strangers' Even Better as an Advergame

Join Balki and chase your dream

Jason Oda of JODA, the man behind many of your favorite advergames and classic game parodies for brands, has conceived of the perfect way to advertise himself—by taking one of…

'Jersey Shore' spoofs itself with new games

Just when I was in danger of watching something of redeeming value, Jersey Shore is back for Season 2. In anticipation of tonight's premiere, MTV has announced two new…

An advergame shouldn't get you this upset

I have some issues with BMW's Mini Baby Racer Power Slide Parking advergame. The guys in the game—Hank, Otis, Mike and Pete—seem like scruffy slackers with nothing better to do…